Our Vision

Data at Work is about enabling an open 21st century workforce data ecosystem to power 21st century workforce data. We are doing this by developing datasets, tools, standards, and best practices for publishing data on skills, jobs, and training. The heart of Data at Work is the Open Skills Project, an dynamic national taxonomy of skills and jobs built on data from a large set of public and private data contributors.

Informed by our work building and deploying open source data science work in labor market data analsysi and learning about various data publication workflows and the great work of organizations like the Open Knowledge Foundation, we have learned that there is too much friction in working with labor market data. The frictions we seek to remove—in getting, sharing, and validating data—stop people from truly benefiting from the wealth of data and services available on skills, jobs, and training. We believe a little more open data and open source tooling can help make a much more dynamic and productive workforce data ecosystem.

This effort succeeds or fails entirely on the committments of the partners and stakeholders contributing to the work of Data at Work. We are a committed group of institutions driving toward a future where data helps every American can find opportunity and reach their full potential. Help us get there.

Data at Work began due to the inspired work of the late Jake Brewer while he was serving as a senior policy advisor at the White House. We honor his memory be continuing his work and helping realize his vision for a more connected and equitable workforce.